About Us

Preciso was created in the year 2000 by François Fernandez - Graduated in Industrial Automation and Maintenance in France, and postgraduate in Quality Engineering at the Polytechnic School of USP - São Paulo - Brazil, and Edson Norio Oku - Food Engineer at USP - São Paulo -Brazil, postgraduate degree in Business Management and Quality Engineering at the Polytechnic School of USP, and


François Fernandez, French-Spanish, was born in Montauban, France, where he lived, graduated and had professional experience as a specialist in the maintenance, assembly, design and implementation of ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Systems, providing services in aeronautical industry (Aérospaciale -Airbus), auto parts, plastics, food, cement, automation, energy and more ...

Determined to accelerate his career, and believing in Brazilian potential, François landed in Brazil in 1995, in search of challenges.


The two partners were colleagues, production and engineering managers, respectively, in a large food industry in Goiás -Brazil. Participating in the NBR ISO 9001 implementation process in this industry, they realized the lack of metrology services in the Midwest to Brazil and decided to create PRECISO : The first private laboratory fully focused on the provision of calibration services in the Center-West of Brazil.


The company currently creates 30 direct jobs and more than 20 indirect jobs.

We are specialists in analysis: Calibration, thermal reception, environmental understanding, physical-chemical and microbiological analyzes, electrical and mechanical biological tests.


Realization of technical assistance in scales and measuring instruments, with bench maintenance of fine mechanics, electrical, electronics, hydraulics, refrigeration and optics.

Our team was mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, industrial engineer, automation engineer, biologists, electricians, electronics technicians and mechanical technicians.

Our fleet includes 10 vehicles, which in total run more than 30000 km per month. We also widely use air travel and rental car in our operations.


We work in all states of Brazil, within a radius of 2000 miles from the corporate headquarters, located strategically in the center of the country.

We currently serve more than 6000 clients in diferent sector, especially in the industrial and civil construction sectors.


Our new facilities (second own structure) contain 18 calibration and test laboratories, 4 physical-chemical and microbiological laboratories, and the specific instalation for maintenance, with all necessary equipment.